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Customcare Compounding Pharmacy


644 Old Northern Road, Dural NSW 2158
(At the corner of Galston Road)

Why choose us

We are a compounding pharmacy which uses the state of art technology to prepare quality custom tailored medications. We purchase our pharmaceutical ingredients from only the most reputable manufacturers.

Customcare Compounding Pharmacy can

  • Tailor the strength of your medicine
  • Compound drugs no longer
    commercially available
  • Prepare special formulations
  • Eliminate preservatives
  • Make liquid dosage forms of solid medication
  • Change flavours
  • Combine active ingredients into one formulation

Medication tailored specifically to your needs

Quality Compounding

Medication tailored specifically to your needs

Our Sterile Laboratory

All compounding requires a clean, uncontaminated environment to ensure the medication outcomes are of the highest quality and adhere to strict Australian standards.

This is crucial during the preparation of sterile products. Our state-of-the-art facility has controlled clean room environments enabling us to perform both sterile aseptic and cytotoxic compounding such as ophthalmic drops and ointments, injections (IM, IV or intrathecal) and nasal inhalations just to name a few.

Our clean rooms and preparation areas have been built to ISO Class 7 Australian Standards and are NATA* certified. Our entire facility is constantly monitored to ensure sterility and particulate counts are at their optimal levels, and correct temperatures, humidity and pressures are constantly maintained.

To ensure our preparation outcomes remain at the high levels required to meet strict Australian guidelines and standards, independent laboratories randomly test our compounded products at regular intervals.

*NATA – National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia 

Nutritional supplementation

With many healthcare professionals adopting more holistic approaches to their patients’ health outcomes, our involvement with nutritionists, dieticians, and naturopaths has increased considerably.

Our experienced team can compound numerous nutritional supplements such as vitamins and minerals (vitamin D, iodine etc.) in various forms such powders, capsules, troches and solutions specifically customised to suit individual patient’s needs.

For your customised prescription medicines call 1300 725 868

Customcare Compounding Pharmacy is trusted Australia Wide.