Adequate levels and an appropriate balance of the steroid are necessary for maintaining optimal health and well-being in both females and males. This family of steroid hormones may support a wide range of essential physiological functions, including blood lipid balance, bone mineral density, fertility, sexuality, a general sense of well-being, and certain aspects of brain functioning.

The saliva test measures levels of specific hormones that are produced in the body, consumed as foods, dietary supplements or medications. Saliva yields a direct measure of "free hormone " level and is comparable to that measured by blood. Also, timing of the test can be precisely controlled and levels can be determined at optimum times. Saliva testing provides a means to establish whether or not your hormone levels are within the expected normal range, and it is simple and non-invasive. It is appropriate to monitor and titrate doses to minimise side effects and risks without compromising the benefits of replacement therapy.