Bio Identical hormones are the exact duplicate of those that are natural to or occurring in the human body.

Synthetic hormones are not found in the human body, and are not identical in structure or function to the hormones they are intended to replace. Bio identical hormones are derived from diosgenin a plant molecule found in soy beans and wild yam. Bio identical hormones are said to be natural hormones not because of their source but their chemical structure is the same as that of the hormones our bodies produce. The plant molecule, diosgenin is taken to a laboratory to be converted into hormones that have the same structure as those that exists in the body.

Because we are supplementing the body with hormone molecules that are identical to those we produce, it allows our body to benefit identically the same way as it would when the body produces them. The bio identical hormones bind quickly to receptors causing the appropriate affect and are broken down quickly and metabolised so they may be excreted from the body.