Animals are individuals too!

At Custom Care Compounding Pharmacy we take pride in caring for your animals as well. Helping you to provide the best health solutions for your animals. We specialise in compounding medication for animals from your family pet to exotic zoo animals. No animal is too big or small.

  • Trained Pharmacists

Our experienced pharmacists are experts in compounding and can help determine the right drug, route of administration, and dose that will optimise patient outcomes-for humans and animals.

  • Quality control

We are compounding specialists who help set the standards for our industry. CustomCare Compounding Pharmacy is one of the most experienced and comprehensive compounding centres in Australia. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to compound virtually any product for custom, individualised therapy. Our experienced staff of technicians and pharmacists are experts in custom compounding.


Need more information?

If you still seek more information on anything you have read regarding having you animals medication individually compounded please come in or call CustomCare Compounding Pharmacy and speak with one of our experienced compounding pharmacists.